The Challenges of modern trading and SMRT’s solution.

2 min readNov 25, 2021

Trading SMRT is the imminent need for transparency and security in the field of operations with Ethereum tokens, prompting the creation of Trading SMRT and its utility token SMRT. The Differential key lies in the integration of skills and knowledge in an innovative model that provides a simple and secure user experience.

Trouble While Trading :
>Projects with the same name or initials of description.
>Exchanges with offline wallets or in different Blockchains.
>Lack of Volume.
>Deposits blocked requiring manual approval by the Exchange.
>Trading Commissions.
>Timing, among others….


To all these variables, Trading SMRT presents a solution according to its AI algorithm, developed for the platform, and on which the main advantage of the Project is based. The TOKEN SMRT, once listed to operate in different exchange houses when the platform operates definitively, will allow avoiding trading on Projects with a similar name or the same description in Initials. All movements of the platform will go out on SMRT and will return to the platform to be redistributed among users on SMRT. When working with different exchanges, if the wallet of one is offline, or with a charging problem, the system will automatically go to the next one looking for another price variable and leaving it without action until it is operable. In this way, you will not enter or withdraw assets in it, avoiding carrying out the exchange operation when it is no longer convenient. The volume will be given, by the pairs chosen by the BOT, but always taking as a parameter the 10 currencies with the highest volume of movements per minute. Although it will enter the exchanges as SMRT, once inside it will be converted to another pair to be able to carry out the corresponding operations. In all the Exchanges where the BOT will operate, it will do so from a Unique account in the name of TRADING SMRT, validated in order to avoid delays and additional movements by the Exchange. This will facilitate the operation with the SMRT tokens of the users of the platform since it will not be necessary for each one to have to generate a personal account in each Exchange.

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