Smart Contract: How do we use it?

2 min readJul 27, 2021

In the TradingSMRT project, we use smart contracts in order to remove both the human factor and the possible influence of third parties that might affect the deal. It is thanks to the smart contract technology that we can guarantee the following benefits:

  • Automation: The use of smart contracts simplifies the process, brings speed, clarity, and precision.
    Cost-efficient: Smart contracts execute immediately once the terms that bind the contract have been fulfilled.
  • Autonomy: Smart contracts are self-sufficient, safe, and secure.

The imminent need for transparency and security in the field of operations with Ethereum tokens prompted the creation of Trading SMRT and its utility token SMRT. The differential key of our platform lies in the integration of skills and knowledge in an innovative model that provides a simple and secure user experience. The use of smart contracts allows us to ensure transparency. Users can always track and verify any transaction. In addition to a fully automated operation that doesn’t involve third parties, smart contracts guarantee that deals are only made when all the prerequisites are fulfilled by all participants. All that will allow us to strengthen the public’s trust in our project! Transparency constitutes a central axis in the framework of Trading SMRT operations since our focus is to empower our users and promote their investments based on trust in the process. Through the procedure based on cycles, we generate an atmosphere of transparency and encourage the user to enter the platform at most every 48 hours, in order to validate their investment decisions.