Delving for a Lucrative Crowdsale? Starts on 1st May 2021 with SMRT’s Crowdsale.

2 min readJun 7, 2021


Trading SMRT is the imminent need for transparency and security in the field of operations with Ethereum tokens, prompting the creation of Trading SMRT and its utility token SMRT. The Differential key lies in the integration of skills and knowledge in an innovative model that provides a simple and secure user experience.

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  • Arbitration

In the world of cryptocurrencies today there are thousands of currencies, and hundreds of exchange houses, which, depending on the geographical location where they operate, tend to present differences in the price between them. This opens a gap to the opportunity to take advantage of these differences to generate arbitrage operations, seeking to make a profit. While it sounds simple enough, there are many factors to consider when choosing to trade in that price range that cannot be taken lightly.

  • The operation to be carried out by the SMART BOT

Our BOT will collect all the arbitration orders initiated in a certain period of time (“Pool”) and will distribute the SMRTs of all those orders among the exchanges where it decides to operate. Each operation to be carried out by the SMART BOT will already be considered in the price difference calculations, the network fee for the transaction, plus a % of the withdrawal cost. In this way, when transactions are carried out, the price difference plus the operating costs will already be covered.


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