2 min readJul 10, 2021

Starting the new ERA in the blockchain and trading world. The TradingSMRT is introducing a secure and easy way to invest by its automotive system with the help of bots and s AI algorithms. In the world of cryptocurrencies there are thousands of currencies, and hundreds of exchange houses, which, depending on the geographical location where they operate, tend to present differences in the price between them. This opens a gap to the opportunity to take advantage of these differences to generate arbitrage operations, seeking to make a profit. While it sounds simple enough, there are many factors to consider when choosing to trade in that price range that cannot be taken lightly.


The total supply of SMRT Token will be 1 billion SMRT’s, and 20% of them will be made available in the Crowdsale period. If the crowd sale is successful, and the capitalization achieves the minimum necessary for the launch, the remaining balance of SMRT will be distributed in the exchanges where the SMRT BOT will operate during the implementation stage. The SMRT Token is a utility token. In itself it does not represent value, it does not grant voting rights and it does not matter a contribution for the realization of a joint business (either with TRADING SMRT or with other users of the Platform). The CROWDSALE stage is stipulated in 12 months. With an estimated total amount of 20.000.000 US (Millions of Dollars).

The Crowdsale is already begun on 1 may 2021 and you can easily participate by reaching