Arbitrage & Smart BOT: How we use it in TradingSMRT

1 min readJul 2, 2021

In Trading SMRT we use arbitration operations to take the advantage of differences in the prices, seeking to make a profit. It is thanks to the Arbitration technology that we can guarantee the following benefits:
Automation: The use of arbitration simplifies the process, brings speed, clarity, and precision.
Autonomy: Arbitration is self-sufficient, safety and secure.

SMART BOT: Our BOT will collect all the arbitration orders initiated in a certain period of time (“Pool”) and will distribute the SMRTs of all those orders among the exchanges where it decides to operate. Once the funds have been distributed among the different exchange houses, it will automatically search for the pairs with the greatest price difference between one house and another. If the BOT does not find in its analysis, a price gap that covers these differences, it will not carry out movements with SMRT. Thus reducing the risk of loss during arbitrage. Each operation to be carried out by the SMART BOT will already consider in the price difference calculations, the network fee for the transaction, plus a % of the withdrawal cost.