Advantages of TradingSMRT

2 min readAug 12, 2021

A post detailing our project’s advantages is always helpful since this is one of the hottest topics we get questions about, and we are okay with that. Projects can only bring transformational change to the financial system if they can deliver on their promise.

So what is TradingSMRT’s promise?

AI Algorithm

Trading SMRT presents a solution according to its AI algorithm, developed for the platform, and on which the main advantage of the Project is based.

All Operations Done By BOT

When working with different exchanges, if the wallet of one is offline, or with a charging problem, the system will automatically go to the next one looking for another price variable and leaving it without action until it is operable.

Lower Risk

It reduce the risk of loss during arbitrage. This will allow us to take advantage of TIMINNG in a REAL way. After a time stipulated by the platform. The BOT will recover the funds from all the exchange houses with which it operates, and will send them to the Pool.

Price Difference Calculation Benefits

Each operation to be carried out by the SMART BOT will already consider in the price difference calculations, the network fee for the transaction, plus a % of the withdrawal cost. In this way, when transactions are carried out, the price difference plus the operating costs will already be covered.


The differential key of our platform lies in the integration of skills and knowledge in an innovative model that provides a simple and secure user experience. With just a few clicks, our users will be able to use their SMRT token within the platform, to carry out different operations, monitor them, knowing their location and volumes, and the results obtained, among many other data of the process.

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